Dem. Rep.
of Congo

 December 10-25, 1999

Central African rep.

Ndu, the tax collector office at the customs:

D19-08 "They have first to repair their radio and call Bondo to receive instructions about us. We are the first tourists for 3 years due to the civil war, in this pro-ugandan rebel zone controlle by Bimba and our visas have been delivered in Bangui by the Kinshasa authorities.
I installed my moskito net for two nights on the tax collector office terrace!"
ATTESTATION DE PEAGE (Fee certificate)
The hereunder described vehicle has paid the TAXE DE PEAGE  fee tax in currency for its crossing of the National Territory.
12.500 F     Done in Ndu on dec.11, 99

Ndu to Bondo:

D19-10 D19-12 D19-13 D19-14 D19-16
(brake system!)
 boat after  Monga
D19-18 D19-19 D19-20
My fall just
 before Bondo that 
we reach at sun set.

Bondo to Poko:

Crossing UELE river in pirogue
D19-22 D19-24 D19-25
D19-29 D19-32 D19-34 D20-02 D20-05
Truck in Doulia
Poko: the church
 built by a german architect in the 70's.
Poko to Ngangazo:
Tanguy writing
 his logbook
D20-08 D20-15 D20-09 D20-13 D20-16
in Poko
in Mungbere
the road to
 Isiro crossing a bridge at Gombari
D20-17 D20-21 D20-22 D20-23 D20-24
village on the road to Ngangazo the track Ngangazo where Chris & Tanguy spent one night. Tanguy trying a whole morning to start his bike.
at last
the bike started !
D20-25 D20-27 D20-28 D20-29 D20-30
Clergyman hosting Chris and Tanguy.
He uses to sew on an old SIINGER.
The electric guitar in wood has been locally carved.
Christmas dinner:
rice and fish at the light of a lantern.
Meeting for midnight mass.
The road towards Uganda:D21-03