Central African Republic

Capital: Banguy

Nov 19 - Dec 9, 1999

Dem. Rep. of Congo

Cantonnier: November 12-15

"Border: waiting 4 days
without any answer...
In the meantime I paint this: "
See Cameroon: Garoua Boulaï
Aquarelle à Cantonnier
D16-11 D16-12 Tanguy with Baminda who is selling meet to try to get some money for paying his journey back to his home in Bamenda (Cameroon)
At the hairdresser's

Berberati - Baoro:November 19-20

D16-17 D17-03 D17-06 D17-09
Track between Berberati & Carnot Toutoubou falls People helping Tanguy & Chris to pull the bikes on the track on the road to Baoro
Bangui:  November 21-26
D17-10 D17-11 D17-13 Happy birthday !
 Copier in the street. Public transportation Oubangui river

On the track  Mbaïki - Bagandou:   November 27-28
D17-14 D17-15 D17-17 D17-19 D17-20
Chris & 
the guide Bruno
D17-24 D17-25 D17-28
Crossing Mbaéré river Pushing the 4x4 Girl (18) with her baby, (from Cameroon)
See:  Tanguy's adventures at the Pygmy's

Bangui - Bambari - Kembe - Bangassou

Bangui (dec 5)
(decembre 9)
D18-30 D18-32 D18-31 D18-33 D18-34
Dalango inn
 with Bruno.
 Kembe falls
 on Kotto river

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