Return to Zambia    Retour à Zambie
We're going to Mars !
By Edward Makuka Nkoloso
Director of his own academy of Science and Space
Nkoloso and escort...
Article writen after the independance in 1964. (Lusaka museum)

 I see the Zambia of the future as a space-age Zambia, more advanced than Russia and America. In fact, in my academy of science our thinking is already six or seven years ahead of both powers.
 It is unlucky for Lusaka that I did not have the chance to run for mayor. If I had been elected, the capital city of Zambia would quickly have been another Paris, if not another New-York.
 If I had been mayor, Matero, Kamwala and Chilenge suburbs would quickly have been filled with flats and skyscapers. Old houses would have vanished.
 But never mind, we will have our Paris yet.
 If I had had my way Zambia would have been born with the blast of academy's rocket being launched into space. But the Independence Celebrations Comitee said that would terrify the guests and possibly the whole population. I think they were worried about the dust and noise.

 It is a great pity. All is ready at our secret headquarters in a valley about seven miles from Lusaka. The rocket could have been launched from the Independence Stadium and Zambia would have conquered Mars only a few days after the independence. Yes, that is where we plan to go - Mars.
 We have been studying Mars from our telescopes at our headquarters and are now certain Mars is populated by primitive natives.
 Our rocket crew is ready. Specially trained spacegirl Mata Mwambwa, two cats (also specially trained) and a missionary will be launched in our first rocket.
 But I have warned the missionary he must not force Christianity to the people if they do not want it.
 One other difficulty has been holding us up. UNESCO has not reply to our request for £ 7,000,000 and we need that money for our rocket programme. Then we can lead the world science.
 I feel the Zambian Government should help now if we are to become Controllers of the Seventh Heaven of Interstellar space. The Government must pass strong bills to deal with the Satanic plots of our ennemies.
 I have known for a long time that Russian spies are operating in Zambia. Yes, and American spies are well over the town too. They are all trying to capture Mata and my cats. They want our space secrets.
 These people must be dealt with immediately after the independence if I am to keep my space lead. Detention without trial for all spies is what we need.
 Otherwise I am happy with the Government, but it must encourage youngsters to join the academy.
 At the moment they have knocked down my academy building in Matero. That is not good. I hope they build modern flats in its place to provide more offices for us.
 The capital of the new scientific Zambia must look beautiful. People from afar must not see a slum as the capital of the world's greatest scientific state.
 Zambians are inferior to no men in science technology. My space plans will surely be carried out.