January 2001

Blantyre ( january 11-21, 2001)
D40-14 D40-15 D40-16
one more puncture...
Daniela this time.
child playing
 President of Malawi
Zomba (january 27-30)
D40-18 D40-17 D40-21 D40-23
where we 
"little house" 
spent 5 days.
Wood cutters
Bikes in front of
the Zomba resthouse.


D40-25 D40-24 D40-26 Daniela

Monkey bay on lake Malawi (january 31) D41-01

D40-28 D40-32 D40-33 D40-34 D40-36

èCape Maclear (lake Malawi)
Lilongwe, Kiboko backpackers. (february 28 - marsh 10)
D43-08 D43-07 D43-01 D43-04 D43-12
cooking with the dog... Daniela
in the tent.
Spaghetti with
Ben, Edith, Daniela
Big washing !

departure on marsh 11 to Lusaka, Zambia