Kenya (3rd part)
+ small trip (to get a new visa):
Tanzania - Kenya - Tanzania
october 17 - 26, 2000
=> Nairobi Upper Hill campsite pictures[sent by Danit (Israël)]
The sorcer's stool 
New pictures from Nairobi :
Tanguy's bazar
inspected by Ian !
D31-02 D31-04 D31-05 D31-10
Ian & Daniela Wilfred
camping cooker
Yahya Khali

Back to Kenya (to get new visa) via Tanga, Mombassa, Voi, Moshi, Lushoto.

D35-34 D35-36 D36-02 D36-04 D36-05
Departure towards Kenya Track between
Voi & Moshi
Cascade at Materuni the guide Tanguy & children
D36-08 D36-12 D36-14
At the back, in the middle,
inside the clouds:
mount Kilimanjaro
Return to Tanzania