Kenya (1)

 January 19 - 31, 2000

2nd part: February-July

First part: January 2000

Heron Court
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Arrival and
 meeting his mother Nicole. Nicole & Roland (Internet site editor) Tanguy, on the floor, registering the luggage at the hotel next to the hotel
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 Queues for public telephone
Tanguy & Roland in front of the Kenyatta Conference Centre.
 Nicole & 
Jomo Kenyatta, statue
(1rst president 1964-1978)
in the City square
Office building We leave for a
six-day safari in: 
Rift valley
The lakes
The Great Rift Valley , Narok
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Selling souvenirs
on the Rift Valley
Arriving at Narok
Tanguy & Roland with his masaï stick

Masaï-Mara Safari

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 Masaï in the Serengeti plain
Lodging at 
 Savuka camp Danse masaï 
at night in the camp.

The lakes: Baringo, Bogoria, Nakuru

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Boat ride 
on the lake Baringo.
Pink  flamingoes
, geysers  and  boiling 
Lake Baringo: fresh water lake which supports a great variety of birds as well as hippos and crocodiles.
Lake Bogoria: shallow soda lake, beautiful scenery, millions of flamingoes and other birds, boiling hot springs and geysers.
Lake Nakuru
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Lake Nakuru: another shallow soda lake which is an ornithologists paradise offering a most magnificient sight. It is also a rhino sanctuary and harbours many other animals: lions, waterbucks, buffalos and hippos.
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On the Equator
Market on the road
to Nakuru
Acacia parasol tree
Acacia tree
Roland, Tanguy,
Karani (the guide)
& a german tourist
at the Nakuru camp.

and now, where to go? K2-36
KENYA 2nd part !