South Africa
Sept-Dec 2001
South Africa 2
Cape Town (South Africa 4)
The road to Golden Gate Highlands (Free State):
D58-03 D58-05 D58-08 D58-09
(sept 5, 01)
government housing


(sept 6, 01)
D58-13 Tugula Falls
2e highest in the world
(976m) unfortunately 
nearly dry at this season !


D58-24 D58-26 D58-28
Sand beach at the north  of the town
(sept 10, 01)
Dissection of a shark
(1m80) taken into the 
anti-shark nets protecting
the beaches.
Tourists looking at TV
while terrorist attacks against New-York on sept 11.

D58-30 D58-31 D58-32
sept 15 : "views from the place where I 've been lodging"

Film Festival, Sept 27-30 , 2001:

D58-33 D58-34 D58-35
Fernando Sulichin Seminar Forum

Budgie and Ida
at the Farmer's market doing a 
document on Durban. 
D59-03 D59-04

Night in a Durban park :
(oct 15, 01)
Tanguy showed a number of slides 
he took from Mali to Uganda
when with Chris.
D59-13 D59-14

D59-15 D59-17 D59-19 D59-18
at the 
Tekweni backpackers
Lola on the bike Budgie in his studio
setting Tanguy's video tape

Cape Town:

D59-24 D59-23 D59-22
Robben Island: Isa and Daniela View of Cape Town
(Table mountain)
D59-35 D59-31
Daniela working ! Panorama
from the terrace
more on Cape Town...